#020 – Rare Earth Elements Investing with Louis O’ Connor

Louis O’ Connor, Founder, and Principal of Strategic Metals Invest. We are the only industry supplier in the world to offer private investors the option to purchase and profit from owning Strategic Metals. The investment play is exactly the same paradigm as investing in Precious Metals, instead, the investor is purchasing Strategic Metals.

Strategic Metals have outperformed Gold (58%) , FTSE100 (3%), and S&P500 (112%) consistently for the past 5 years with a 175% average return for the same period. Right now, in North America, the only obstacle to investors profiting from owning Rare Earths is that they don’t know they can. We are Europe based therefore providing North American clients portfolio with much-needed geographic diversification.

Website: https://strategicmetalsinvest.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louis-o-connor-a583341b8/

Offering private investors industrial-grade Rare Earth Metals as physical assets. At this moment in time the only industry supplier in the world to offer Rare Earths to individual investors. Exit also provided.

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