Months Supply of Housing Metro Atlanta 2024 January

In the dynamic realm of real estate investment, staying informed about key market indicators is paramount for making sound financial decisions. One such crucial metric that holds significant weight for investors is the “months supply of housing.”

Graph: months supply of housing inventory metro Atlanta January 2024.

Months Supply of Housing

This statistic represents the number of months it would take to sell the current inventory of homes on the market, given the current pace of sales. Understanding housing inventory provides valuable insights into the balance between supply and demand, offering investors a strategic perspective on market conditions.

Housing Inventory in Metro Atlanta

In the above graph, you can see that the months of inventory of housing on the market remains historically low in the metro Atlanta area.

Low inventory of homes for sale indicates that it is a seller’s market. The market is typically at equilibrium between buyers and sellers when inventory is between 4 and 6 months supply of houses for sale.

After the great housing crash in 2008 the inventory of houses for sale on the market was at historical high with nearly 12 months supply at the peak.

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