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Alpha Dog Capital Fund Manager John Marion is a content creator in the real estate industry. Topics include homeownership, project updates, and investment related topics.

Short Videos

These are videos that are 3 minutes or less.

Will the Housing Market Crash? TikTok 1:18 12/6/2023
Home Ownership Means Higher Net Worth TikTok 0:55
The Greatest Salesman in the World Og Mandino Book Intro TikTok 0:54

Medium Length

Videos in this section on 3 to 5 minutes each.

The Number 1 Reason to be a Private Money Lender YouTube 4:48

Longer Videos

The videos in this section below are a deeper dive into to topic being addressed.

Real Estate is NOT Correlated with the Stock Market: DEEP DIVE RECESSION ANALYSIS WITH CHARTS YouTube 12:27
SDIRA: The Pathway into Alternative Investments YouTube 24:44
Private Money Lending as an Alternative Investment YouTube 7:06

John Marion

Since 2010 John has built a real estate business specializing in residential investment property, home sales, rentals, and property management.