#34 – Property Management with Sandra Watkins and Georgia Rental Group

georgia rental group

Sandra Watkins is the Broker and owner of Georgia Rental Group in Canton, GA. Property Management: Sandra manages properties in the metro Atlanta area.

In this episode, Sandra talks about how she started managing rental properties over 15 years ago and how the company has developed property management processes and procedures.

  • The three main topics discussed are:
  • Getting properties into rent-ready condition.
  • Marketing rentals, screening tenants, and move-ins.
  • Managing rentals on a daily basis.

Contact Sandra Watkins

Sandra is available to talk to investors and landlords about property management. Call, text or email Sandra at Georgia Rental Group.
Phone: 770-324-3680 (call or text)
Email: georgiarentalgroup@gmail.com
Website: https://www.georgiarentalgroup.com/ (Download the Owner’s Manual)

DISCLOSURE: John Marion and Sandra Watkins are business partners and co-owners of Georgia Rental Group.

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