#007 – The Airbnb Nomad Derek Clifford Multifamily Investor

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About Derek Clifford

Helping people learn about building wealth through real estate investing is my biggest passion. I’m able to express that passion through my Real Estate Investment firm, Elevate Equity. By investing in apartment buildings with a value add component in emerging markets across the US, we increase value to our partners with superior returns and our residents with an amazing rental experience.

As an experienced project manager with an engineering background, I take projects from seemingly impossible to 100% executable. My approaches to solving any large problem or project stems from experiences in creating value both within and outside of corporate organizations. Being a natural collaborator, I seek out the critical paths in planning and execution for any project by building strong relationships with all project stakeholders.

My direct investing, project management, and engineering experience originates in Utilities, Oil & Gas (Refining and Upstream), and Real Estate sectors. For everything else, I thank my parents, wife, friends, and my real-life mentors (Jim Rohn, Gary Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Canfield, Jack Welch and countless others) who keep me on a constant path of self-improvement in all aspects of my life.

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