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Are you frustrated with the volatility of the stock market and the risk of a market correction with stocks being in never-before-seen territory? Will the low returns from savings accounts and bonds have you working until you drop?

What if there were a proven way to create wealth faster while receiving multiple tax efficient passive income streams?

Alpha Dog Capital

Alpha Dog Capital is a real estate investment company that specializes in residential properties.

From land development and new home construction to single-family rehabilitation projects, multifamily rentals, and mobile homes we are experienced in just about every aspect of the residential real estate industry.

We are skilled at finding worthwhile projects and sharing the profits with our investors.

Passive Income

The U.S. Tax code provides numerous ways for real estate investors to benefit with positive cash flow.

Cash Flow

Single-family real estate income with fix and flip projects producing returns throughout the year.

Attractive Returns

Enjoy a preferred return plus a back-end profit split investing in residential real estate.

Experienced Partners

Licensed Brokers and property managers with 30+ years in residential real estate investments.

Single Family Units Sold

Units Under Management

Years Experience

The Truth About Stocks

Most people think they should have their money in stocks to get the best returns. But consider these interesting facts you won’t hear from your broker or financial advisor:


We are in the longest bull market in history, with valuations seen at previous market tops.  


A smart investing strategy at the end of a bull market, when the risk of sudden and significant drops are more likely, should be very different from the early years of a new bull market.  


While stocks  trail only real estate for highest annualized returns from 1993 to 2013, stocks have significantly more annualized risk. Only commodities have more risk of the major investment asset classes. 

Making smart investing decisions requires balancing your risk tolerance, goals, market cycles, and investment timeline. What’s best for one investor may not be best for another investor.

We Are A Nation of Single Family Houses

Facts support our belief that the United States is expected to experience demand for single family housing:


Single family houses represent over 68% of all occupied housing units.


Single family houses are the #1 housing choice in the United States.


Single family houses are in demand by both homebuyers and tenants.


Less than 14% of occupied housing units are multifamily apartments with 10 or more units.

These factors and many more point to a continued demand for single family houses.

A Smarter Investment Strategy

Buying, rehabilitating, and reselling single family houses results in fast returns & capital appreciation.

Alpha Dog Capital Single Family Houses

Profiting by investing in single family housing fix and flip projects can yield consistent returns year over year. Experienced investors know how to profit with home renovation projects in any type of market: up, down, or sideways. Backed by hard asset real estate and experienced management, the risk of capital loss is greatly reduced.

Economies of Scale

Single family fix and flip projects require time and expertise. By co-investing with an experienced company, you can enjoy returns on multiple properties consistently compared to doing it all yourself.


Project management with an experienced company leverages your time so you aren’t always chasing deals. You can participate in the returns on many more projects each year.

Return On Investment

The demand for single family houses currently (and historically) and the efficiency of turning multiple deals simultaneously means you can enjoy returns throughout the year vs. waiting for a big project to close.


Single family house fix and flip projects work in appreciating, depreciating, and flat markets when managed properly by an experienced, active real estate management company.

Alpha Dog Capital can help you take advantage of the compelling benefits of single-family house fix and flip projects by leveraging our knowledge and network to acquire distressed properties with profitable upside value when fully rehabilitated.

Connect with us to learn more about the benefits of passive real estate fix and flip investing.

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Alpha Dog Capital Fix and Flip Single Family Houses
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