#33 – Limited Partner Investing with LP Advisor Aleksey Chernobelskiy


Aleksey Chernobelskiy advises on Limited Partner Investing for “LPs” on existing and future investments. He writes weekly to 3,000 investors at LPlessons.substack.com to explain how to properly vet and think about LP investments in the grand scheme of their portfolios. Aleksey also helps General Partners on matters relating to LPs, such as capital calls or feedback on investment decks.

Prior to advising LPs, Aleksey ran STORE Capital’s $10 billion commercial real estate portfolio and oversaw the firm’s underwriting team. Aleksey graduated from University of Arizona with a quadruple major – Finance, Mathematics, Economics, and Accounting.

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Find Aleksey:

• LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/chernobelskiy 

• Twitter : https://twitter.com/chernobelskiy 

• Weekly newsletter (LP Investing Lessons): https://lplessons.substack.com


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