#013 – Cannabis Investing with Scott Berman of The Panther Group

The Panther Group is an advisory firm that helps institutions navigate the nascent but emerging cannabis industry. Those looking to be on the right side of the maturation curve as this industry unfolds.

We have unmatched industry insights, experience, access to deals achieved over the years as partners in cannabis venture funds and operators of cannabis companies. This gives us a competitive advantage on navigating the directions this industry is moving.

Our team has operated and invested in 35 diverse cannabis companies since 2014 and our Co-Founder operated a data driven ad agency for a decade before exiting to a publicly traded company in 2017.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver data driven, programmatic advertising solutions for our clients. We partner with top advertising and technology partners to leverage customer data and signals to ensure your brand is reaching your intended customers around the web and across various platforms.

With this approach, we can target your potential prospect very accurately — without the use of Google, Facebook and others.

Since we base everything on data, we use the combination of your private data as well as third party data to expand your reach and optimize to ensure your business is being seen by the right people in the most effective places.

Programmatic Advertising

Data Driven Media Buying Across Many Channels

Access to Compliant Endemic and Non-Endemic Digital Properties

Data analysis and monetization

In-depth Performance Analytics

Creation of Audience Segments Using Customer Data

Audience Expansion Through Look Alike Modeling

As partners in many cannabis businesses over the last few years, we have the competitive advantage you need to navigate in the same direction as the industry.

Website https://thepanthergroup.co/

Email scott@thepanthergroup.co

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-berman-3901022/

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