#002 – Raising Capital for Funds and Syndications With Joel Block


Joel’s a futurist and longtime venture capitalist & hedge fund manager (gobbledygook for professional investor) who lives in a Shark Tank like on TV. Since selling his publishing company to a Fortune 500, Joel’s cage-rattling keynotes expose Wall Street insights and the inside track on high-velocity innovation – empowering businesses to predict and prepare for their futures.

Joel’s newest book, Stop Hustling Gigs and Start Building a Business is available on Amazon.

We support B2B sectors such as manufacturing, wholesaling, and distribution. And we advise industries such as pharmaceuticals, venture capital, real estate, and financial firms.

Specialties: Media, publishing, plastics, recycling, sports, football, boxing, golf, newspapers, radio, revenue development, sales, sales force development, sales force management, strategic planning, fund raising, syndication, capital structure, professional speaker, best selling author, CSP, Private Equity, film finance, real estate, Mergers and Acquisition, Board of Directors, Board of Advisors


Reach Joel at: joel@bullseyecap.com, www.bullseyecap.comwww.joelblock.com, or 818-917-0670.

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