Here is a free resource to help you with your fix and flip single family house renovation projects. The scope of work spreadsheet is an Excel file that you can download and begin using right away to analyze your next rehab deal.

Crunch the Numbers for Your Deals

The single family house scope of work spreadsheet will track the numbers for you and consolidate the data.


Don’t Miss the Actual Costs

Don’t skip accounting for any of the actual costs of fixing and flipping a single family house. 

In addition to the scope of work, the spreadsheet allows you to enter other costs, such as holding costs, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.


Loan and Closing Costs

Enter the loan and closing costs into the sheets and have the numbers auto calculated for you.


Comparative Market Analysis

A simple, yet practical, sheet is included for you to enter comparable properties.


Summary Scope of Work Cost Sheet

A sheet is included that auto populates all the data from the full scope of work in one easy to read summary.


Detailed Scope of Work Cost Sheet

The detailed scope of work cost sheet is perfect for single family house fix and flip projects.

Passive Real Estate Investing

Learn more about passive investing vs. active investing with single-family house fix and flip projects.

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